Weigh with Joy is not a diet

It’s a weight management, maintenance and monitoring programme that focuses on creating a “new normal”, through a healthy-eating plan (rich in nutrients, low in fats and kilojoules) and exercise. It takes a positive and holistic approach to wellbeing, encouraging a healthy body, mind and soul. It’s not prescriptive or deprivational. Emphasis will be placed on: Moderation: where portion sizes are important, but you won’t have to weigh   food. Adjustment: where small changes can make a big difference. Accountability: where you will take responsibility for your own wellbeing. Monitoring: where you will be guided and motivated on your journey. Choice: where you will understand actions and reactions. Logging: where you will be encouraged to create a food file.

Important note:

While the programme is designed to assist with weight management in a healthy manner, the facilitators are not medical practitioners. Members should take medical advice first and foremost from their medical practitioner.