Terms and Conditions


Membership of Weigh with Joy is conditional on the payment of an initial registration fee, plus monthly

membership fees, payable in advance via cash or card (Visa and Mastercard only).


Membership will automatically lapse following the non-payment of membership fees for two consecutive

months, whereafter re-registration will be required, with a registration fee, unless prior arrangements have

specifically been made with Weigh with Joy.


Membership fees will not be repayable should a member opt to withdraw from the programme during the

course of a month.


Weigh with Joy is an interactive weight-loss monitoring programme aimed at guiding members towards a

healthy lifestyle. The information supplied does not constitute medical advice or a medically endorsed eating

plan. All medical advice should be obtained solely from relevant medical practitioners.


Weigh with Joy cannot be held liable for any medical condition arising while the member is on the



Members agree to provide Weigh with Joy with personal weight-loss information, which will be considered

confidential, for the sole use of Weigh with Joy, and will not be divulged to third parties without members’

written consent.


Weigh with Joy is not a one-on-one programme. Members agree to interact with other members of the

group, as necessary, and participate in discussions that may have relevance to all members of the group.


Members will be required to weigh with shoes, for reasons pertaining to health and hygiene.


Pregnant women are specifically excluded from joining the programme, and Weigh with Joy will not be held

liable for non-disclosure of pregnancy. Should a member fall pregnant while on the programme, she is

obliged to immediately make this disclosure, upon which membership will be suspended until the birth of the


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